Welcome to the UBC Yoga Club!

The UBC Yoga Club seeks to provide yoga to students and faculty looking for a way to wind down, relax, and take a break from the stresses of life. Yoga is great for both physical fitness and inner peace and we want to introduce this amazing activity to everyone.

We offer affordable and convenient yoga classes for students and everyone in the UBC area. The UBC Yoga Club offers quality yoga classes to members for only $2 a session!
Membership Fee: $10 – Students
$20 – Staff, Faculty, and General Public
Class Fee: $2 per session

You can sign up at any of our classes – please arrive at least 15 minutes before class to sign up for membership. Yearly membership is $10 for UBC students and $20 for everyone else. Yearly membership allows you to attend any class for only $2! You receive a membership card after becoming a member which allows you to get $2 classes for the year. Bring it to class every time! We look forward to seeing you on the mat! Memberships are available throughout the year.

We encourage everyone to bring their own yoga mat to class for sanitary reasons, however there are a limited number of yoga mats to borrow. Please treat these mats with kindness and return them to the yoga club executive after class.

All of our classes are conveniently held in the Student Union Building (SUB), The NEST, or the beautiful Hillel House. NOTE: Class locations change frequently, please check the calendar or facebook prior to class for the updated rooms.

Click the links on the menu above to explore our website!

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