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The UBC Yoga Club has now partnered with MindBody to deliver online payments to our members! Get all our classes on an app for your phone and pre-pay online by following this link . For our members, we have a 10 class pass (get your 11th class free) for $20!


All UBC Yoga Clubs Classes take place here on campus! It’s perfect for all us students, staff and close community members. If you are confused about where a particular class is held, this page here is to help you find the building and the room.

Most classes are held in the New Student Union Building or the NEST. They have a great number of rooms that are perfect for our different types of yoga classes. The NEST is located right near the Bus Loop and UBC BookStore.

The Old Sub is right behind the NEST, and there is a floor plan on this page to help find those tricky rooms.

Hillel House is the slender white building that you can find if you leave the Old Sub and walk towards the North Parkade and Brock Hall.

 Locations Map

Below is a video on how to get to LIFE 5 and LIFE 26.

8 thoughts on “Calendar & Locations

  1. Everytime I go on the calendar on my iPhone it won’t let me view the location when I click on the individual slots and the calendar starts to physically expand. Please fix this bug and make it available to iPhone/apple users! Thanks.


    1. Hello Diana! I will try to fix the problem, however I have an iPhone and I am able to see the location on my phone. In the meantime I suggest following the UBC Yoga Page on Facebook or downloading the google calendar schedule to your phone.


    1. Hey Diana! There are indeed classes throughout the summer. We’re offering one a day and they’re listed on the calendar.
      Hope your summer’s been beautiful!


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