Ellen Koch

DSC_0072Ellen began practicing yoga regularly in her first year at UBC. She found that yoga was a practice that she really connected with. In her 2nd year, she began to get involved with the UBC Yoga Club, first as a volunteer, and then in following years as an exec. The supportive and friendly community of the club is one of the reasons Ellen was motivated and inspired to get her 200-hour Yoga teacher certification in August 2014.

Currently, Ellen mainly teaches hatha and power styles of yoga. Her classes focus on connecting mind and body through mindful movement, deep breathing, and alignment principles. Expect to move through fun yoga sequences, improve alignment on key yoga poses, and learn more about yourself through your yoga practice!

Find out more at and on her Facebook page!

Dana Chan


Dana grew up playing organised sports and always thought yoga would be easy, boring and just a fad… Until she actually tried it! She found it to be dynamic, very physically and mentally challenging. She was hooked. In 2014, she signed up for a 200 hour teacher training with Eoin Finn to deepen her practice. Once she started teaching, she fell in love with sharing what she knew to her students. To further her understanding of movement, she completed a 50 hour Mat Pilates teacher training. Her classes create a safe space to explore and experiment with movement and shapes. But also opportunity to find stillness and slow down from the busyness of life. As a student of yoga and movement, she is constantly trying to broaden her knowledge. She also teaches circus arts such as silks, hoop, hammock and flexibility.

IMG_0513Heather Pottinger 

Heather’s journey in yoga began under the encouraging and knowledgeable guidance of Waylon Belding. While completing her Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Radiantly Alive in Bali, she met Edward Clark and Nikki Durrant of Tripsichore Yoga. Captivated by the graceful focused flow and breath of Tripsichore, Heather went to London to study. This experience was pivotal in her development as both a teacher and practitioner. Tripsichore has consistently remained the foundation of Heather’s practice as she moved through experiences with Jivamukti, Anusara, and Ayurdevic Yoga. Most recently, Heather completed the Tripsichore Plus Practice in London.

As a passionate student and teacher of yoga and circus arts, Heather’s classes nurture movement inspired by the breath and catalyze energy flow through a mindful practice. She endeavors to keep her classes accessible to all levels by presenting options within the asanas and transitions. With a practice inspired by the joy of movement and the bliss of breath, her greatest pleasure is in enabling people in their journey back to themselves through the liberating, humbling, and limitless experience of yoga.

Naomi Devi

Naomi has taken over our Friday Vinyasa Classes since Natalia has left to travel. Vinyasa is all about breathing and creating a connection. Naomi’s classes are a great break for an hour to relax and take a moment away from the stresses of your hectic life.

Katie Wilson

I came to yoga to heal myself emotionally, and I’ve stayed with yoga because of the remarkable ways in which it has transformed my entire life.

I attended my first yoga class seven years ago, and I was fascinated by the calm, wonderful feeling I had after class—I wanted more!  I explored Iyengar, Power, and Vinyasa yoga for two years and then I discovered an entirely different practice: AcroYoga.  This dynamic style of partner yoga fosters trust and builds communication while freeing people to get in touch with their inner child.  Though the practice was ridiculously challenging for me at first, I felt motivated to progress. I fell in love with the playfulness, the connection with other people, and the authenticity it produced in my own life.

I love introducing people to AcroYoga and seeing the joy on their face when they learn their bodies are capable of more than they thought was possible.  My goal is to create a safe environment in which people feel free to giggle, play, and finally soar.

I believe that each of us are teachers, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and learning from you!

Morgan Lee Snow

For Morgan, who was once (and sometimes still) uncoordinated and an avid avoider of form sport or dance, yoga began as a physical challenge that allowed her to finally feel empowered in her own skin, and gave her a space free of the world’s worry and chaos. Though it wasn’t always love at first down dog, something drew her back to the mat time and time again.
Now a seasoned yoga teacher, she is still learning more each day from both her students and teachers alike on how to breathe, be, and find beauty in stillness as well as in movement!  She completed her 200-hour teacher training was at Karma Teacher’s where she experienced first hand the ability of yoga to heal and strengthen not only the body, but also the mind, on and off the mat. Over time, this powerful form of movement has helped her find strength, grace and ease.
Morgan teaches kid’s yoga and is currently pursuing further training in counselling, which often influences her teaching style and keeping you on your toes with moments of playfulness, meditation and more.  Morgan’s classes sparkle with moments of playfulness, challenge and stillness.  Her creative sequencing will keep you on your toes while allowing you to find your own dance at your own pace.  Move, breathe, find a new perspective, and above all, be you!

Lauren Phelan


I have been teaching with the UBC Yoga Club since 2011, after completing my training with Eoin Finn in Ucluelet. Bliss Flow is a blend of fiery movement and slow, deep movement, set to soulful music, with the intent to connect with self in a compassionate way. I am currently a graduate student in Counselling Psychology at UBC and I really appreciate the psychosomatic connection between physiology and emotional experience. I like to bring a strong base of alignment to my classes along with a playful style of sharing, and an all-levels approach.

Shayne Casey Shaw

shayne casey shaw.jpg

Since her first yoga class 6 years ago, Shayne has remained curious about the connections between body, mind, and spirit. With an academic background in kinesiology and psychology, she appreciates the multifaceted benefits of a dedicated yoga practice. Shayne completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Semperviva Yoga College in Vancouver, BC. She saturates each of her classes with creative sequencing, authentic teachings, precise alignment cues, and opportunities for deep inquiry. Shayne hopes to empower her students to develop a sense of curiosity and wonder, while embracing inner playfulness!

Henry John

I discovered yoga soon after moving to Vancouver in 2012. The practise rescued me from a deep, long bout of depression, providing me with tools that made life worth living, and reminding me what an utterly beautiful place the world is. I believe yoga can help facilitate connections between individuals, their neighbours, and the natural world, and hence see teaching yoga as a form of activism.

My classes use creative sequencing and humour to push students to their limits in a fun and safe manner. Come to class expecting to laugh, sweat, and funk out! Imagery, metaphor and philosophy inspired by the natural world informs my teaching, and I will often lead a meditation segment during class.

I completed my 250-hour Teacher Training with Ida Manly and Moksana Yoga Center in Victoria in 2015. I have subsequently received training from Crista Shillington, Eoin Finn and the Blissology School, Misha Steiner and Natalie Rousseau. I love my teachers, and thank them for the guidance and support they have shown me along my path.


Karma Teachers

Azra Bhanji


Hello friends! I’m a 4th year student majoring in Integrated Sciences at UBC and have been teaching yoga for a few years! Yoga to me is a union of mind, body and spirit; and so my asana classes incorporate a unique mixture of asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. Stop by for a class if you want to feel lighter, renewed, refreshed, and most importantly, if you want to have a bit of fun! All levels are welcome! 🙂





Jules Galbraith


My professional training in yoga has been within the philosophy and practice of Yin yoga. However, my personal engagement and education within the practice of yoga have been with dynamic styles such as Ashtanga. The dialogue between these styles has allowed me to develop a holistic and multidimensional approach to teaching which looks to encourage an awareness of the body, with its particularities, abilities, and limitations, as an important site in which to cultivate care and presence. I use principles and techniques in my teaching which focalize on the breath both as an avenue to states of meditation and profound relaxation, and as a tool to maintain a level of activity and challenge to develop flexibility and physical capacities. I have a deep respect for Yoga as a technique for self-care and understanding, and am deeply grateful to be working with the UBC yoga club in order to make this rich practice more accessible to everyone.

Ida Mattsson


Ida came to yoga through dance, and was drawn to the calm and strength embodied in the practice. After coming to UBC for her undergraduate studies, she started exploring the yogic community in Vancouver, and completed her 200 hour teacher training at Semperviva Yoga. Ida strives to share a practice that focuses inward, with a sense of carrying the strength of the physical body with breath. She is delighted to be teaching Karma and regular classes at the UBC Yoga Club, and hopes to share a flow with you!


Timerlane Cakmak


Timerlane Cakmak (Dual Degree Masters in Management, Bachelor in Global Development and Sustainability, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, and Wellness Coach)

Yoga to Timerlane, is not just a workout, it is a work in. Yoga is a practice that unlocks peoples full potential and allows people to develop their natural capacity to connect, love, feel, be, relax, grow, expand, and come into their playful, joyful, blissful inner nature. In this way yoga raises consciousness, sparks self realization, and acts a service to the world.

Timerlane’s philosophy is about wholeness and empowerment. His yoga is a blend of movement, breath, sound, philosophy, and meditation that you practice your entire life inside and outside of the classroom. The yoga practice is both the means and the ends, suggesting yoga is not just something you do, it is something you be and something you come to realized you already are – whole, connected, balanced, complete, fearless, limitless, joyful, playful unbroken.

For the video about how Timerlane got into yoga click here.  For Timerlane’s LinkedIn click here. Learn more at and on his Facebook Page.





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