Christine Barr

I graduated UBC’s with a Kinesiology degree and am an experienced registered yoga teacher at the 500hr level with Yoga Alliance. To me yoga is a way to connect with myself and relax. I also enjoy swimming, singing and qigong.




Azra Bhanji

I am in my last year BSc and minoring in Kinesiology. Yoga to me is a reflection of life; it is the beautiful combination of mind, body and spirit. Apart from yoga, I love connecting with people, jogging, reading and learning more about the world around us!

Timerlane Cakmak

I am a personal fitness coach at Restore Human Studio in Kitsilano in my 5th year of the Masters in Management Dual Degree where I study global development, sustainability, and business. I joined the UBC Yoga Club 2 years ago to share my passion for health and wellness which developed from learning yoga as a little boy with my mum. To me, when yoga is practiced holistically it is a practice that unlocks peoples full potential and allows people to develop their natural capacity to connect, love, feel, be, relax, grow, expand, and come into their playful, joyful, blissful inner nature. I love nature, movement, Sufi poetry, and you can learn more at

Shayne River Casey Shaw

As a student in the Master of Physical Therapy program at UBC, Shayne recognizes the integral roles that movement and meditation can play in optimizing the mind-body experience. She completed her teacher training at Semperviva Yoga College in Vancouver, and saturates her classes with creative sequencing, authentic teachings, and opportunities for self-inquiry. Shayne hopes to empower her students to develop their senses of curiosity and wonder, while embracing their innate playfulness!

Dana Chan

Dana grew up playing organised sports and always thought yoga would be easy, boring and just a fad… Until she actually tried it! She found it to be dynamic, very physically and mentally challenging. Her classes create a safe space to explore and experiment with movement and shapes. But also opportunity to find stillness and slow down from the busyness of life.

Melanie Sue Caron

44273F3D-3CF6-45E2-B222-C24FFFE496FD - Melanie CaronI joined the UBC Yoga club because I love sharing my love of acro yoga with people, and UBC is the perfect place to do so! When I am not found playing Acro, I love circus/flow arts, and time in the wilderness (especially hot springs). 💚

Naomi Devi

Naomi has taken over our Friday Vinyasa Classes since Natalia has left to travel. Vinyasa is all about breathing and creating a connection. Naomi’s classes are a great break for an hour to relax and take a moment away from the stresses of your hectic life.

Henry John

Moi - Henry John.jpgSix years ago, committing to a regular practice of yoga saved me from a deep, long bout of depression. I became a teacher two years ago in order to spread this joyous, healing practice for others to benefit from. I love UBC Yoga Club because they have amazing instructors and provide financially accessible yoga to a demographic that really needs it! Come and play!!

Ellen Koch

I am a 2nd year PhD student in Neuroscience and I first became involved with the Yoga Club during my undergraduate degree at UBC. The community in the club encouraged me to pursue a teacher training and I’ve been teaching with the club ever since! Yoga has taught me to relax, enjoy the present moment, and focus on the big picture in life rather than sweating the small stuff. I hope to see you in class!

Cedar Lyn

FB_IMG_1492486651348 - AYUNITYFEST ROCKY MOUNTAIN ACRO.jpgCedar Lyn is an RYT 200 and Certified AcroYoga Instructor. Cedar seeks to activate the curiosity in each of us through play, awaken out creativity through exploring the possibilities of movement, and to deepen our connection to self and each other in her classes and workshops. Cedar is the founder of Acro Yoga Unity Festival and teaches in classes and Workshops all across Canada. Cedar’s additional passions are climbing, and astrology.


Heather Pottinger

Heather’s journey in yoga began under the encouraging and knowledgeable guidance of Waylon Belding. While completing her Vinyasa Yoga teacher training at Radiantly Alive in Bali, she met Edward Clark and Nikki Durrant of Tripsichore Yoga. Captivated by the graceful focused flow and breath of Tripsichore, Heather went to London to study. This experience was pivotal in her development as both a teacher and practitioner. Tripsichore has consistently remained the foundation of Heather’s practice as she moved through experiences with Jivamukti, Anusara, and Ayurdevic Yoga.

Joylyn Secunda

I graduated from UBC with a BFA in Acting. Yoga postures, breath, mediation, philosophy, and sacred songs have been deeply healing for me. I am grateful to share this practice I love. I am excited about using theatrical forms to explore my curiosity about the world and most recently I created a solo character comedy show called The Moaning Yoni.

Mariko Simmonds

I’m a UBC alumni, mom, coordinator, teacher, and student. From my experience,yoga is about accepting your edges, challenging yourself and finding compassion for others and mainly for yourself. I’m most at peace when I’m surrounded by nature and like-minded people, and when I’m dancing with my kids!

Nathalie Uribe

I am a multi-passionate being; a yoga teacher, graphic designer, smoothie master and aspiring holistic nutritionist with the goal to spread health, wellness and happiness. I believe yoga should be easily accessible to all, and this club gives me the opportunity to help students improve and maintain their physical and mental health during stressful times. Besides yoga and wellness, I love adventure, travelling and being in nature.




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