Please read these FAQs and if your question is not answered then please e-mail info.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com unless otherwise stated. Please give us 5 business days to respond.


How do I become a member? 

Check out this page!

How much does a membership cost?

Membership costs $25 for UBC students and $40 for everyone else.

Can I transfer my membership or get a refund? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to do so at this time.

When does my membership expire?

Memberships expire the following August after they are purchased. For example, a membership bought in Sept 2019 expires end of August 2020.

Why doesn’t my membership last a full year after I sign up?

The UBC Yoga Club is a UBC AMS club. AMS clubs memberships go by school year, starting in September.

Do I have to be a UBC student to become a member?

Anyone can become a member! Memberships are $25 for UBC students and $40 for everyone else.

Do I need to bring my member card to class?

No, we are going paperless this year! Simply bring your student card to class and we’ll sign you in from there.

How do I unsubscribe from the newsletters?
You can unsubscribe here.

Class Specific

How much does drop-in cost?

Drop-in is $2 with a membership! Without a membership, each drop-in will be $5.

What is your class size?

Our classes usually range from 5-30 students. Rooms are usually big enough to comfortably accommodate larger class sizes. However, occasionally classes are full so it is best to arrive early to ensure your spot.

To ensure you have a spot in the class, you can download the Mindbody App, find “UBC Yoga Club” and sign up for the class early.

Are there yoga mats available?

Yes, we have yoga mats available, free of charge. We only have a limited supply, so bring your own mat if you want to guarantee that you have one for a busy class.

Are there other yoga supplies available?

Yes, there are foam blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters available too, all free of charge.

Where are your classes held?

Classes are held in various rooms in the Student Union Building, Nest, and Hillel. Check the calendar page for updated class locations.

Where can I find the class schedule?

You can find the schedule on our website by going to our front page or by going to What Classes–> Calendar & Location.

When should I arrive to class?

Please arrive 15 minutes early to guarantee that you get a spot.

I’m new to yoga, which classes should I take?

Our classes are all levels, but some may be more difficult for beginners. We offer a Gentle Hatha for Beginners class and also many Hatha classes, which are all designed to accommodate beginners.

Please let the teacher know if you are new to yoga or to that particular style of yoga. Most teachers usually will give you adaptations to make the pose either easier or more challenging but letting them know if you’re a beginner will remind them to talk about these adaptations during class.

How long are classes?

Classes are usually between 60-75 minutes.

What if I need to leave class early?

Please speak to the teacher ahead of time to let them know you need to leave early. Also, please be as quiet as you can and respectful of the rest of the class.

What if I leave something behind in class?

If something is left behind, it will be given to the AMS security lost & found. You can find their office across from Uppercase on the main concourse of the SUB. Feel free to also message us on Facebook!

Do you have classes in the summer?

Classes aren’t guaranteed in the summer but we often have them. We usually announce in April before the summer term starts whether we will be having summer classes that year.

If we do not announce, you can check the calendar on the first week of May to see if there is a schedule!

How do Karma, by-donation classes work?

You can come to these classes for free but we encourage a $2 donation and you do not need to be a UBC Yoga Club member. Every month we give the donations to a different organization. Please e-mail ubcyogaclub.karmaclass@gmail.com for any questions.

Do you have classes during exam season?

Yes we do, please check back on the calendar during the first week of exams for classes. You can e-mail presidents.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com if a schedule is not up by then.

Getting Involved

Where can I find information for contacting Yoga Club?

You can find out how to contact us on our Contact Us page. You can also message us on our Facebook page.

How can I get more involved with the Yoga Club?

We are always looking for volunteers to help us run our classes! You can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com if you want to volunteer.

How can I get updates from the Yoga Club?

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and check out our Blog page on the website!

If I’m interested in teaching, who do I contact?

You can e-mail about your teaching interests to the president.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com and hiring usually occurs during May-August every year.

If I’m interested in having the UBC Yoga Club host a yoga class for our group who do I contact?

Please fill out this form. Please note the form is a request and allow up to two weeks for the club to determine if we can accommodate your request. Inquiries about collaborations should be sent to events.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com. If the event is independent of the UBC Yoga Club and you are only requesting mat rentals / teachers from us, please contact operations.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com.