danaDana Chan: President

Having 4 hour gaps in between class last year, she decided to finally to take up yoga with UBC yoga club as it fit her schedule and it was so affordable. Not only did she end up loving it but also volunteered and joining the exec team later. Yoga became the much needed relaxing break from the crazy and hectic-ness that is life. She is excited about being the Yoga Club President this year!

Nancy Manhas: VP Finance

nancyGot into yoga club after being too stressed out from her very first round of finals at UBC. After being a volunteer for 6 months, decided she wanted to do more with the club, since it offered a variety of benefits to all its members, such as affordability and a variety of class styles. A big goal of hers is to maintain strong mental health during the school year, and yoga provides the necessary tools to release stress and stay POSITIVE! She is excited about returning as the treasurer again, and the new opportunities the club has to offer!

Jihae: Treasurer

Jihae started with UBC Yoga Club as a volunteer in 2016 and she is thrilled to be back as the treasurer of the club in 2016/17 year. Jihae’s favourite type of yoga is Yin as it helps her to destress and meditate her mind during some stressful times. Jihae believes UBC Yoga Club is perfect for university students to explore different types of yoga with affordable membership and class fees. Jihae strongly suggests everyone to check out one of our classes and learn more about how yoga can help you to improve your lifestyle.

Shirley Li: Treasurer Assistant

I love delicious foods, but I don’t like unhealthy ones; that’s why I’m studying nutrition. I like exercising, but I don’t like rigid muscle and laboured breathing; that’s why I’m doing yoga. Yoga is fantastic – you are stretching, strengthening and sweating, but you never getting tired of it.

Chin Vern-Tan: VP Events Coordinator

chinChin started yoga when she was a wee babe and surprisingly has not improved much in the past 8 years that she has been practicing. She joined UBC Yoga Club in her first year as a volunteer, fell in love with Lauren’s Bliss Flow yoga class, and moved onto dedicating her time towards workshop and event planning. She loves yoga, because it gives her an excuse to buy expensive yoga clothing and because she gets to suggest outlandish events like Pet Yoga (how cool would it be to do downward dog next to a DOG??). But ultimately, she loves yoga, because it’s given her the opportunity to meet an incredible amount of like-minded people and connect with the growing yoga community at UBC.

Shalisa Haggard: Events Assistant

shalisaShalisa started yoga when she was in high school and heavily involved in sports (ice hockey, rowing and cross country running). It began as a way to stretch out her overworked muscles. Now, she strives to keep a daily practice to help relieve stress and build strength. She wants to encourage more students to give yoga a try, both for its mental and physical benefits.

Elaine Chang: Collaborations Coordinator

elaineHi everyone! I joined the yoga club because the classes are so affordable, located on campus (perfect during long breaks between classes) and yoga helps to maintain a healthy mind and body! Being in pharmacy, sometimes life can become hectic with the overwhelming workload, but yoga really helps to relieve that stress! I am also a dragon boat paddler and your muscles can tense up after practice, so I do yoga to alleviate that tightness, increase strength, and improve flexibility – all of which contribute to prevent injury!

I am one of the Collaborations Coordinators, so if you are interested in hosting an event in collaboration with the Yoga Club, have questions about mat rentals or need to find a yoga teacher for your event, feel free to contact me at elaine.chang.c@gmail.com

Moni Ghosh: Collaborations Coordinator

J Evan Zhou: Internal Events Coordinator

10888701_930303416981434_8203061055509004475_nHello there! I am J. Evan Zhou and I am the internal events coordinator for the yoga club. Every year our group is changing as new executives are hired and old executes graduate. Due to this, my role is to create events and socials for our executive group in the attempts to create familiarity, cohesiveness, and to just have some fun!

During my first year at UBC there were numerous occasions where “I didn’t feel good enough” I was stressed out, and I overall had a difficult time adjusting to the university life. In my second year at UBC, my friends encouraged me to try yoga as a way to alleviate my stress. At first, I was skeptical and didn’t think yoga would benefit me whatsoever. But, as I started to do yoga once a week I began noticing huge differences in my balance, strength, and stress. Yoga really set my mind at ease especially with all the challenges and stressors that comes with being a university student. On a final note, I am privileged to be an executive for the yoga club and I’m met some amazing people along the way!

Jeremy: Vice President Internal Affairs

jeremyI started doing yoga in my basement with YouTube videos after I injured my knees from weightlifting. It really improved my flexibility, mobility, conditioning, and general chillness level. I tried out the UBC Yoga Club soon after and fell in love with the cheap price and flexible class schedule, often going to multiple classes a day. I wanted to get more involved with this awesome environment so I began volunteering for a class. Though it was stressful to sign everyone in at the beginning of class, I got much more out of the class in terms of meeting cool people and developing bonds. I met some of the other exec members and people that were really passionate about the yoga club and they pulled me into being secretary. Now I’m the VP internal and yoga has become a huge part of my life! If you have any questions at all feel free to email vp.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com

Monique Thériault – Equipment Manager

moniqueLast year I decided to take up yoga in order to help cope with the stress of the PharmD program. I’ll admit that in class I was that person whose posture was corrected with each pose. Thankfully I stuck with it. One of the things that I love about UBC Yoga Club is the sheer number of classes offered. There are so many that it’s convenient to work in around changing class schedules, assignments and other volunteering commitments. As Equipment Manager it’s my job to make sure you have everything you need in order to have a successful class (eg. mats, blocks, and cleaning supplies). If you notice anything that needs to be addressed, please point it out so I can deal with it.

Laura Rozka – Secretary

lauraLaura started with UBC Yoga Club as a volunteer in 2014 upon transferring to UBC from UBCO and is thrilled to be the Secretary for the club this year! Laura has been an is an avid yoga enthusiast ever since her sister, a yoga instructor, used yoga to rehabilitate her several knee injuries. Yin yoga helped her both physically and emotionally recover from her injuries and, although yin is still her personal favourite style of yoga, she practices hatha and vinyasa lineages regularly too. Laura believes that yoga is important for mental health during school since it provides an opportunity to routinely check in with yourself and use meditation to make sense of the tornado of thoughts in your brain. She is also a strong advocate for using yoga as cross training for intense physical activities such as running, hiking, and cycling which can take a toll on your body. Above all, she LOVES the yoga community and the beautiful people that it brings together!

Simran Sanghera – Blog Writer

I was first introduced to yoga in my last year of secondary school where I took yoga as an elective. Yoga became a stress reliever for me in my final year of secondary school. I wanted to continue practising yoga as I started my studies at UBC hence joining the yoga club. The yoga club provided an accessible and comfortable environment for me. Since the yoga club has given me so much, I wanted a more active role in the yoga club, so this year I took the leap into becoming an exec member. My main role this year is to bring the dormant blog back to life. I hope to educate more people about the yoga club and yoga in general through this blog.

Patricia: Photographer

patriciaI started practicing yoga in my first year of university as the stress from exams rolled around. In my second year, I became a volunteer for the Yoga Club. I love the way yoga challenges you to improve both physically and mentally. It provided me with the relaxation that I needed and occasionally, the sore muscles! This year, I joined the yoga club as the photographer. I’m hoping to help spread the word on the benefits of yoga and the variety of affordable classes that the Yoga Club offers.

Vivian Tsang: Sponsorship Coordinator

Vivian decided to join yoga back in the day when she realized that she needed some way to deal with the stress of craziness of academic, research, extra-curricular, and personal life. At UBC, she joined the Yoga club as a volunteer and found it to be just the right way to spend her breaks in between classes. Her favourite forms of yoga are flow and vinyasa and she hopes that everyone will give yoga a try! All levels are welcome at UBC Yoga.


Janet Li: Social Media Coordinator

janetJanet is the social media exec for the club, so she does all of the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts. She got into yoga a bit after she started running because she found that it really tightened up her hips and legs. She hates stretching, and she found that yoga was a fun alternative and a great way to balance out any intense exercise. After coming to UBC, going to yoga classes became her favourite way to escape from bad days of stress or anxiety. Janet believes that exercise and mindfulness are hugely beneficial to your mental health as well as your performance in school. She wants to spread this message out to everyone and to help people realize that yoga is indeed accessible to all, because she adores it and wants everybody else to, as well!

Valerie Cheng: Communications Officer

valerieHi! I’m excited to be the Communications Officer this year, so don’t hesitate to shoot me an email! I started doing yoga in a desperate attempt to correct my terrible posture, and since then I’ve been doing yoga on and off. After coming into UBC I finally made yoga classes a routine partially because of how affordable the classes at the UBC Yoga Club is, and how de-stressed I would feel after. Come try a class and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Margaret Lu: Webmaster

I started doing yoga in my undergrad when I had to pay super high varsity fees and figured I may as well use all the resources it offers. Now I’m getting my PharmD and I’m still at it. Until this year I’ve practiced mostly Vinyasa but I’m looking forwards to trying other types, lifting people over my head and getting a solid handstand.

Marika Laird: General Exec