Chin Vern-Tan: Co-President

chinI started yoga when I was a wee babe and surprisingly have not improved much in the past 8 years that I have been practicing. I joined UBC Yoga Club in my first year as a volunteer, fell in love with Lauren’s Bliss Flow yoga class, and moved onto dedicating my time towards workshop and event planning. I love yoga, because it gives me an excuse to buy expensive yoga clothing and because I get to suggest outlandish events like Pet Yoga (how cool would it be to do downward dog next to a DOG??). But ultimately, I love yoga because it’s given me the opportunity to meet an incredible amount of like-minded people and connect with the growing yoga community at UBC.

Nancy Manhas: Co-President

nancyI got into yoga club after being too stressed out from my very first round of finals at UBC. After being a volunteer for 6 months, I decided I wanted to do more with the club because it offered a variety of benefits to all its members such as affordability and a variety of class styles. A big goal of mine is to maintain strong mental health during the school year, and yoga provides the necessary tools to release stress and stay POSITIVE!

External Department

Anything related to marketing, promotions and sponsorship (external.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com)!

Janet Li: Co-VP External

janetHey! I’m the co-VP external for the club this year. My main job within the club is marketing and outreach, so I oversee the execs that work with social media, the blog and photography. I first got into yoga after I started running more seriously in high school, because I noticed that it really tightened up my hips. I honestly hate stretching after working out as well, so yoga is a more fun alternative and a great way to balance out intense exercise. After I came to UBC, going to yoga classes became my favourite way to escape from bad days of stress or anxiety. My main job within the club is marketing and outreach, so I oversee the execs that work with social media, the blog and photography. I believe that exercise and mindfulness are hugely beneficial to mental health and academic performance, so I want to advocate this to everyone. I love that the UBC Yoga Club makes yoga accessible and affordable to students, so I think it’s a great club for everyone to get involved with.

Kathy Ma: Co-VP External 

Headshot Small.pngMy history with the UBC Yoga Club was initially being an active member, then becoming a volunteer. Since I wanted to become more involved I became sponsorship coordinator and am now Co-VP External specializing in sponsorship, marketing and promotion strategy. I first got into yoga to relieve stress from university during first year but grew to love it for it gives you flexibility, strength and a sense of mindfulness. In addition, I love how the classes range in difficulty, my personal favourites are Vinyasa, Henry’s Power Flow and Dana’s Yoga/Pilates classes which I highly recommend for those who love to break a sweat! One of my main goals while working on sponsorship, promotions and marketing within the club is to provide competitive benefits for the loyal members of the UBC Yoga Club and maintain the club’s judgement-free and all-inclusive atmosphere for any yogis from a variety of experiences. 

 Janyn Zoccoli: Social Media and Promotions Coordinator

JanynI got into yoga about 3 years ago, primarily using it as a stress reliever during high school. When I came to UBC I joined the yoga club as a volunteer for 4 months and then became an exec because I wanted to do more within the yoga club. My main job within the yoga club is to oversee Facebook and Instagram posts and to answer any messages received on those platforms. What I love about yoga is being able to continually challenge your body through the poses, which in turn challenges your mind. Every time I practice I see it as an opportunity to push myself mentally and physically, which is so rewarding. My vision for the club is to provide a sense of community for UBC through yoga, spread awareness about the physical and mental benefits of yoga, and to continue to provide affordable yoga to the UBC community. Aside from yoga, I love to cook, bake, knit, have occasional dance parties, and meet new people. Also, I am currently trying to create the best ‘healthy’ chocolate chip cookie.

Katie Taher: Social Media Projects Coordinator

Katie.JPGHey! I am the Social Media Project Coordinator this year.

I grew up watching my father meditate and in high school I began to join him. I became involved in a few meditation clubs in my hometown, and eventually started to do yoga at the local studio! For me, the grounding element of yoga is extremely valuable. Anytime I feel overwhelmed or anxious, I do a quick yoga flow which helps bring me back to reality. Yoga reminds me that life is not as complicated as we sometimes make it, and each yoga pose helps connect my mind and body. My goal is to ‘spread the word’ about yoga, and introduce people to the amazing benefits of having a yoga practice. I also am hoping to eventually become a certified yoga teacher! Besides doing yoga, I love writing poetry, reading, running, hiking, beaching, and really anything that involves being outdoors! Food is also an important part of my life – I’m always cooking mean vegan curries and pasta!!

Mallory Fisher: Newsletter Coordinator (info.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com)

Mallory.jpgIn 9th grade I started attending a weekly class for Power yoga, at a community studio, and I’ve been a semi-regular participant in practices ever since.

I love many aspects of yoga, but am particularly fond of how it is such a holistic experience. It has really helped me to appreciate what my body is able to do for me, and I find that it keeps me grounded in my everyday life.

Aside from signing participants into classes hosted by the club, I help to organize a monthly newsletter to keep the public informed of all that we have to offer!

I hope to assist the club in remaining inclusive, affordable, and sustainable. 🙂

Iryna Luchak: Webmaster

Flow with life. Accept every moment. Live in the present. Those are a few of the many lessons I gained through practicing yoga. Most importantly, I learned to be at peace with myself. I joined the Yoga Club because I enjoyed and wanted to support their quality and very affordable classes.  I am very excited to be managing the webpage of UBC Yoga Club. If you have any suggestions to improve it, just comment below!

Danielle Mee: Sponsorship Coordinator (sponsor.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com)


Hi fellow Yogi’s and Yogini’s! My name is Danielle Mee and it’s my first year as a Sponsorship Coordinator with the UBC Yoga club. This position requires communication with potential sponsors who may want to be involved with the UBC Yoga Club and coordinate discounts for students who are a part of the yoga club with these businesses. Currently we are associated with: The Good Stuff, Half Moon, Just Yoga & The Hot Box Yoga. So check them out! I’m very excited to be a part of the club because I love participating in yoga classes, meeting people who are interested in yoga and promoting its many benefits. I started taking yoga classes in 2006 because I was looking for pain relief cause from work. Shortly after, I felt a calling to travel to India and take my teachers training course in Hatha yoga. I’ve been practicing ever since! My vision for the yoga club is to spread awareness about yoga to fellow students and to promote both the physical benefits and the mental benefits that yoga can offer because, as students, we need ways to manage stress.

Georgia Wilkins: Photographer

“A peaceful person is the first criterion to a peaceful universe” – ram dass

I practice yoga to play, discover, balance and honour my body.

I practice to still my mind and learn it’s nature.

I practice to recognize the masks I wear, the defense mechanisms I use, the walls I put up, and the nature of the lower self.

I practice to strengthen my relationships with others and the Earth.

I practice to come home to the heart. To stillness.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to capture and share the beauty of asana (posture) practice with the UBC Yoga community through my role as photographer! I hope to show that anybody can practice yoga, regardless of gender, race, religion, ability or sexuality. I also seek to honour local Indigenous peoples and land as well as the rich history of yogic spirituality and knowledge coming from India.  I’ll be instructing a few classes this semester as a newly certified Anuttara Yoga instructor and would love for you to join me.


Internal Department

Anything related to administrative and internal affairs (vp.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com)!

J. Evan Zhou: Co-VP Internal and Classes Coordinator

10888701_930303416981434_8203061055509004475_nHello there! I am J. Evan Zhou and I am the Co-VP Internal and the Classes Coordinator for the yoga club. Every year our group is changing as new executives are hired and old executes graduate. Due to this, my role is to create events and socials for our executive group in the attempts to create familiarity, cohesiveness, and to just have some fun!

During my first year at UBC there were numerous occasions where “I didn’t feel good enough” I was stressed out, and I overall had a difficult time adjusting to the university life. In my second year at UBC, my friends encouraged me to try yoga as a way to alleviate my stress. At first, I was skeptical and didn’t think yoga would benefit me whatsoever. But, as I started to do yoga once a week I began noticing huge differences in my balance, strength, and stress. Yoga really set my mind at ease especially with all the challenges and stressors that comes with being a university student. On a final note, I am privileged to be an executive for the yoga club and I’m met some amazing people along the way!

Laura Rozka: Co-VP Internal

lauraI started with UBC Yoga Club as a volunteer in 2014 upon transferring to UBC from UBCO and am thrilled to be the Co-VP Internal for the club this year! I have been an avid yoga enthusiast ever since my sister, a yoga instructor, used yoga to rehabilitate my several knee injuries. Yin yoga helped me both physically and emotionally recover from my injuries and, although Yin is still my personal favourite style of yoga, my practices Hatha and Vinyasa lineages regularly too. I believe that yoga is important for mental health during school since it provides an opportunity to routinely check in with yourself and use meditation to make sense of the tornado of thoughts in your brain. I am also a strong advocate for using yoga as cross training for intense physical activities such as running, hiking, and cycling which can take a toll on your body. Above all, I LOVE the yoga community and the beautiful people that it brings together!

Shalisa Haggard: Secretary

shalisaI started yoga when I was in high school and was heavily involved in sports (ice hockey, rowing and cross country running). It began as a way to stretch out my overworked muscles. Now, I strive to keep a daily practice to help relieve stress and build strength. I want to encourage more students to give yoga a try, both for its mental and physical benefits.

Anna Han: Internal Events Coordinator

AnnaI got into yoga as a way to improve mobility after injuring my knees. I found the UBC Yoga Club classes a great way to de-stress after a long day of classes and extracurriculars. As the Internal Events Coordinator, I plan socials for the club execs. Because of the affordability, plus benefits to the mind and body, I hope all students will give the UBC Yoga Club a try this year! A fun fact is that I was lucky enough to get to swim with sea lions and sharks in the past.

Claire Allen: Internal Events Coordinator

ClaireMy mom introduced me to yoga while I was in high school. She belonged to this amazing little studio, and she would take me when school or my friends became too much to help calm my nerves. It was a really nice thing we did just the two of us.

I love being able to give myself time to reflect on my day, set my intentions and really do something completely for myself. As a student, I worry about things I need to do to better my future, but yoga is time where I can get to better my day right then and there.

I love the UBC Yoga Club because of it’s ability to provide affordable and accessible yoga to students and the community. I can’t wait to keep working on building an even bigger membership population and community!

In my free time I love to go on hikes and take pictures, I’m an amateur photographer. I also love volunteering for random organizations in the Greater Vancouver Area. I’m a bit of a foodie so you can always find me cooking for friends while dancing in my kitchen!

Henry John: Director of Teacher’s Operations

Moi - Henry JohnI got into yoga when seeking solutions to severe mental illness. I have yoga to thank for my (relative) mental stability and possibly even the fact that I am still alive.

I am the Director of Teaching Operations for the club, which is essentially a very fancy title for “Subbing Coordinator”. I also teach classes for the club, and love being a part of this community!!

Marika Laird: Equipment Manager


We are all humans. Most of us here are, specifically, young-adult humans going to school broke and constantly stressed. What is a solution nobody has ever said doesn’t work? Yoga. I have seen this club progress over a couple of years and can’t wait to see how yoga influences others as it did myself. On a standard day you’ll most likely see me biking around campus, so feel free to say “hello”! I’d love to chat about cool topics.

Patricia Sun: Volunteer Coordinator (volunteer.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com)

patriciaI started practicing yoga in my first year of university as the stress from exams rolled around. I love the way yoga challenges you to improve both physically and mentally. I started out as a volunteer, then a photographer for the club. This year, I am the volunteer coordinator. With the help of other execs and volunteers, I’m hoping to help make each class a fun experience and inspire others to practice yoga on a regular basis.

Events Department

Anything related to events (events.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com) or collaborations (collaborations.ubcyogaclub@gmail.com)!

Moni Gosh: VP Events

MoniI started out as a member of the UBC Yoga Club in my first year, went on to become a volunteer and wanted to become more involved so I became an exec and now I’m the VP of Events. I am super excited to bring some great events to our members and the students of UBC. Yoga is my break from studying and is my way of coping with stress. It has worked to improve my mood and make me better able handle my problems. Beyond that, I also use yoga as a way to cross train with weightlifting.


Esther Kim: Events Coordinator

With the academic pressure that can come with university, I decided to take the opportunity and join UBC’s Yoga Club to see if I could relieve some of that stress. Now writing this as an executive, one could say yoga really did help me to not only relieve stress, but also make me recognize the importance of taking care of my mental and physical wellbeing. As the Events Coordinator, my goal is to create, organize, and execute events for you all to enjoy and experience the vast range of benefits that yoga has to offer! I hope to create events that will encourage anyone, regardless of their level of experience, to come out and release the stress that comes with being a student. It’s absolutely awesome being able to meet and connect with like-minded people, and these events are the key to bringing people together, so I’m excited to be able to provide opportunities like this for you guys!

Maja Maj: Karma Coordinator

Hey, I’m Maja! I was thrusted into the world of yoga by my Imagine Day orientation leader Chin, who grew to be one of todays UBC Yoga Club Co-presidents! Yoga has since been teaching me how feel grounded in the frantic lifestyle university can foster. This year I am continuing my position as the club’s Karma Coordinator, which means I manage the schedule, instructors, and fund allocation for our Karma charity classes on Saturdays. The UBC Yoga Club has only ever grown, and I hope that it continues to do so and introduce more and more people to the benefits yoga can offer. Apart from my involvement in the club, I really love art and graphic design, as well as animals, their husbandry, and their welfare — my goal is to be able to practice veterinary medicine!

Julie Mo: Events Coordinator

JulieHi! My name is Julie and I am one of the events coordinator. I help plan and organize events we can do to add a cool twist to yoga classes and encourage everyone to experience yoga! I love to hike and run, but they’re typically quite vigorous in terms of activity. I was lucky to be introduced to yoga by one of my friends over a summer and just fell in love with how it made me feel. It’s such a fun way to de-stress and relax, as well as finding out more about yourself- I’ve noticed that incorporating yoga into my routine boosted my physical and mental health tremendously. With its accessibility, I can’t wait to see this club continue to grow with all our members as we introduce more people to reap all the benefits that yoga has to offer!

Gianna Wang: Collaborations Coordinator

I first got into yoga a year ago as I was recovering from a serious back injury. It helped me recover, strengthened my physical body and soul. I fell in love deeper with practice everyday. No matter how busy I am, I make sure to save time for yoga everyday. If you step into the practice and surrender yourself fully, the asanas and breathing exercises would make you feel the power and purification. Give it a shot, and you would not regret it 😉 I am stoked to be joining the Events Department of the club as a Collaborations coordinator this year, and working with VP events and other clubs for exciting events.


Finance Department

Anything related to teacher payments, internal reimbursements and karma class donations!

Sayna Sadeghi: VP Finance

I joined the UBC yoga club in my first year to de-stress during the busy months of school but I found out yoga offers more than just relaxation. I started to feel more energetic and healthy, physically and mentally, doing yoga. Every kind of class offers a different experience. For example, I could challenge myself in classes like Yoga/Pilates and Acro or unwind and relax in classes like Hatha when I feel stressed. When I am not doing yoga, you can probably find me studying in Sauder or skiing at Whistler. I am very excited to help run UBC Yoga Club as VP Finance this year!

Kalin Chai: Reimbursement/Donations/Collaborations Correspondent

My mom does yoga, so before I came to Vancouver we would go to yoga class or watch YouTube videos and do yoga together. I like how yoga can be so versatile- from relaxing to a really good workout. My role is focused on reimbursements for people who buy things for the club. I would like to see more people aware of the yoga club and come to the classes because they are ridiculously cheap! A hobby of mine is I like to cook.




Tiffany Tran: Chief Payroll Coordinator

TiffanyI got into yoga to work on my flexibility, relieve stress and relax. I joined the UBC Yoga Club because of the affordable classes and convenience of dropping into a class after a long day lectures.  My role as Chief Payroll Coordinator involves helping process payments for our Yoga instructors. I hope to encourage more students to join and take advantage of the affordable classes and positive atmosphere that the UBC Yoga Club offers.