Meet UBC Yoga Club’s wonderful executives for 2018 – 2019! They do everything to help you find your perfect yoga balance. Go to our FAQ page to find out who to contact for what 🙂
Interested in joining the executive team? Send us an email or Facebook message. We also look for volunteers at the beginning of every school team.

President: Kathy Ma


What I do: Oversee the overall mission, vision and goals of the UBC Yoga Club and handles class scheduling and other administrative duties.
Why I like yoga: I like that it has multiple benefits where you become more flexible, tone muscles and practice mindfulness.
My goal this year: 
To keep going to at least two yoga classes a week without missing one.


VP External: Janet Chen


What I do: Help my team succeed!
Why I like yoga: The peaceful, zen feeling that washes over you after yoga 🙂
My goal this year: Climb more, swim more, and yoga more!

Design & Marketing Lead: Deborah Komkov

Deborah2What I do: I design and update the website, merchandise, and work on other fun promotional projects.
Why I like yoga: Yoga is a great way to have time to myself, destress, and stretch it out. I tend to get my head in the clouds and yoga helps me stay grounded in the present.
My goal this year: Balance – on the mat and in life.

Newsletter Coordinator: Mallory Fisher

MalloryWhat I do: Collect information from other execs in order to keep our members informed on what’s happening!
Why I like yoga: Yoga has been absolutely life changing for me in so many ways. I like that it helps me to become grounded in my own body; to keep my physical and mental well-being in check
My goal this year: To remain an active member in the club community and to possibly start subbing or teaching with the club (completed my 200 hour YTT this summer


Photographer: Maija

What I do: Take pictures of all the fun stuff that happens with the yoga club! Urban Forestry student on the side
Why I like yoga:  I find it’s a really nice mental release from the stresses of being a millenial, and it makes the dream of being able to touch my toes closer to being a reality!
 My goal this year: Be more invested in everything that I have on the go.

Social Media Projects Coordinator: Katie

What I do: Make the Instagram posts! They often highlight a member of the club, or sometimes just inspirational!
Why I like yoga: 
I love the grounding yoga gives me. Whether it’s a short or long practice, I get a lot from just tuning in to my breath.
My goal this year: I’m secretly trying to get my friends to come to at least one class with me… I’m doing pretty good so far! Also, wanting to continue a regular practice.

Social Media and Promotions Coordinator: Janyn Zoccoli

Janyn2What I do: I manage all of the Facebook posts and some of the Instagram posts about our sponsors and events.
Why I like yoga: 
I like yoga because it gives me a chance to stand on my head and it challenges me mentally and physically every time.
My goal this year: One goal I have for myself this year is to start creating a more balanced lifestyle!


VP Internal: Gianna Wang


What I do: overseeing the Internal Department and organizing internal activities
Why I like yoga: 
It helps me to understand sensations that I was never able to connect with before starting yoga practices
My goal this year: Live, learn and enjoy life to the fullest



Secretary: Young Ji (Or “Ji”)

Younji1What I do: I’m a Arts student planning to major in Psychology! I’m also a great listener who occasionally zones out during conversations  
Why I like yoga: 
I love the calm I feel after a session and how strong it makes me physically and mentally
My goal this year: 
I want to become a adept cook : )

Volunteer Coordinator: Lauren Jennings

What I do: I’m in my third year majoring in Biology. As of this summer I’m an RYT 200!
Why I like yoga: Yoga combines fitness, mindfulness and personal expression in an art that is accessible to everyone. I always end my practice feeling stronger, content and more grounded.
My goal this year: I hope to learn to let go of the past and be okay with uncertainty. Where I am in the present moment is where I am meant to be.

Internal Events Coordinator: Taeyi Kim


What I do: I plan executive member socials
Why I like yoga: 
I love how yoga trains me to manage my emotion while relieving stress. It really helped me to cope with the high academic stress in my first and second year.
My goal this year: I want to fully enjoy every moment of this school year, especially with the yoga exec team!


VP Finance: Kalin Chai

Kalin1What I do: I keep track of the club’s financial activities, and provide financial direction for the club.
Why I like yoga: 
I enjoy yoga for the mental health benefits; I find when I practice regularly I feel more focused and calm in everyday life. Additionally, the physical aspect of it compliments other activities that I enjoy such as hiking and strength training.
My goal this year: Meet new people!


Payroll Coordinator: Darren Chang

DarrenChang1What I do: Making sure all our lovely instructors get paid!
Why I like yoga: 
Yoga provides me with such a stronger sense of balance (which can be especially lacking as a student with tight deadlines!)
My goal this year: Making sure my succulents don’t die (again)

VP Finance Assistant: Jessica Kennedy

What I do: I assist with financial administration for the club which includes deposits, paying teachers and collecting member fees.
Why I like yoga: 
Because it makes me feel connected to my body and relaxes me.
My goal this year: Finding a healthy balance between school and my mental and physical wellbeing.


VP Events: Julie Mo

Julie1What I do: Organize and oversee fun events and collaborations like bunny yoga!
Why I like yoga: 
I like yoga because it calms my mind as it really helps me with dealing with school stress. It’s also a great workout and stretch!
My goal this year: Learn to turn my failures and experiences into my greatest teachers!

Collaboration Coordinator: Vince Bacarac

What I do: I’m a second year student in the Faculty of Science majoring in biochemistry and forensic science.
Why I like yoga: 
I like yoga because it really stretches out parts of the body that I didn’t even know could be stretched!
My goal this year: One goal for me this year is to spread my love of yoga around the UBC community and provide people an outlet for their stress. To do so, I plan to organize events at least once a month with the various clubs at UBC.

Collaboration Coordinator: Macy Liebreich

What I do: I help organize special yoga events hosted by other clubs and organizations.
Why I like yoga: 
I love how it helps you become more self aware and gives you an opportunity to recenter yourself especially during stressful or hectic times of the year.
My goal this year: My goal is to maintain and develop external club relationships through the execution of well organized and communicated special events.

Events Coordinator: Nancy Andrews


What I do: Work with the other Events coordinator and our VP to create events that the UBC yoga club may be engaged in.
Why I like yoga: 
I enjoy my practice as yoga brings about a peace of mind that helps centre you in a chaotic world.
My goal this year: A goal I have for this year is to be kind to as many people as possible.

Karma Coordinator: Maja ☆⌒(ゝ。∂)

What I do: I manage the instructors and funds for our Saturday Karma charity classes. Admission is $2 for everyone and all proceeds to towards charities in and around Vancouver. 
Why I like yoga: 
Yoga and meditation repeatedly astound me with how powerful and restful being in your own mind can be.
My goal this year: I would really love to popularize Karma classes. They don’t get as much traction as weekday classes but they’re affordable, high quality, and help great causes. Outside of the club I would be proud to spend more time enjoying my learning experiences and less time complaining or being pessimistic about them.

Volunteer Coordinator: Gwen Marty

What I do: As volunteer coordinator, I will be recruiting volunteers, coordinating schedules and resolving any issues that may arise.
Why I like yoga: 
I love yoga because it allows me to practice gratitude, peace and allows me to challenge my mind and body. It’s also a great stress reliever and super fun!
My goal this year: I would like to help the yoga club grow at UBC and build a strong community of volunteers.