All Levels Welcome

I’ve been practicing yoga since I was about 13. My practice has never been super consistent, which is something that I’m trying to work on, however, I’d say I’m pretty comfortable with it. In my opinion, yoga is one of the best things you can do for your mental and physical health, and because of this, I try to recommend it to all of my friends. I ask them to come out to yoga classes with me when I’m planning on going or am execing my weekly class, however, I often get many reluctant responses:

“I’m not flexible enough.”

“I’ve never done yoga before.”

“I’m not very good at it.”

“I don’t want others in class to judge me.”

Trying something new can be scary, and I completely understand that. I’m a pretty shy person, and I get nerves going into new situations all the time – especially when it involves being around people that I don’t know, and I realize that many people feel the same way. However, I don’t think that this should deter people from going to a class. The UBC Yoga Club (and the practice of yoga in general) is based on acceptance, accessibility and peace. Nobody will judge you for not being able to touch your toes or hold a pose. Honestly, nobody will even be paying attention to you! Everybody in a yoga class is there for their own self improvement, and will probably be too focused on their breathing or postures to watch what you’re doing. Nothing – not the shape of your body, colour of your skin, your heritage, your abilities, your flexibility or strength, or amount of experience should dictate whether you participate in yoga if you want to.

That being said, if you are somebody that is new to yoga, and would like to improve your practice but are nervous about going to a new class, here are some ways to make yourself more comfortable:

  • Ask a friend to join you
  • Let the teacher know before class begins that you are a beginner
  • Practice at home! There are tons of YouTube channels with great guidance (Yoga for Adriene is my favourite)

We like to stress that the classes that our club holds are open to all levels of experience, and that teachers always provide modifications and options that are suitable to beginner, novice and advanced practices. We also provide by far the cheapest classes in Vancouver, so you’re able to drop into a class as a non-member for just $5. Our club was created in order to provide accessible and welcoming yoga for the UBC community, so come out and join us! 🙂


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