Yoga Exec Spotlight: Moni


Hi 🙂 My name is Moni and I am VP Events for UBC Yoga Club. I started out as a member of the UBC Yoga Club in my first year. Then I went on to become a volunteer and wanted to become more involved, so I became an exec. And, now I’m the VP Events. I am super excited to bring some great events to our members and the students of UBC. Yoga is my break from studying and is my way of coping with stress. It has worked to improve my mood and make me better able handle my problems. Beyond that, I also use yoga as a way to cross train with weightlifting.

#1 Tell us a little bit about yourself – both about your academic/work and other areas outside your field

I am a 3rd year student in the Integrated Sciences program, integrating pharmacology and genetics. I am personally interested in pharmacogenomics which is the study of how drugs affect you because of your genetics.

#2. Tell us how or why you got introduced to/started yoga

I started doing yoga in my first year, just as a way to get active. But I found that there were many more benefits to it.

#3 What is your “Yoga Philosophy” (up to your interpretation)

My yoga philosophy and general life philosophy is “just keep moving”! For example, if there is a particularly difficult class, you just to keep pushing and move on to the next pose. And applying this to everyday life has shown me that there is nothing that we can’t get through.

#4 is How has yoga changed the way you live or your perspective on life

Yoga has opened me up to understand how important being mindful of our well being is. As students, I feel we push our mental wellness aside to ensure that we get the grades that we need. Yoga has changed my outlook by making me more aware of my mental wellness and I now force myself to take breaks to ensure that I am focused.

#5 What do you like yoga- include your favourite style of yoga and why

I use yoga as a way to cross train with weight training and cardio. My favourite style of yoga would have to be either yin or power yoga. I like yin as a way for me to relax and stretch my muscles after an intense workout. While I enjoy power yoga as a way to replace my workout.

#6 Why did you decide to take on this new role as President? 

I started off as a collaborations coordinator last year, and then applied for the VP Events position. The reason I wanted to be VP was so I could have a bigger hand in the events that we put on as the yoga club and so I can have more responsibility.

#7 What is your vision for Yoga Club next year? What are you most excited about?

My vision for this year is to increase attendance to yoga club events. One of the events that we definitely bring back is BUNNY YOGA! So get back excited for that this year!!

#8 Fun facts or anything else you would like to share

I love reading, hiking, spending time with my family and friends and spending some quality time with Netflix.



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