Prioritizing Yoga

As the school year starts to pick up, I find it harder to justify taking time out of my busy day to go to a yoga class. When I’m in the middle of doing a reading or trying to figure out how to solve a difficult homework question, the thought of getting up and spending an hour at a yoga class can seem like a chore, as if it’s almost a wasteful use of my time. However, no matter how stressed out I’ve been before entering a yoga class, I’ve never once left having regret going. This is something that I need to remind myself as we enter midterm season this year.

I’m a huge overthinker, and this results in me being easily overwhelmed once things start to pile up. I find that I spend pretty much every waking hour of the school year thinking about how much I have to do any how little time I have to do it. This can get really exhausting really quickly. It doesn’t exactly help that pretty much every conversation ends up on the topic of school and stress during midterm season, too.

“I don’t have enough time” is a common reason that I hear when it comes to staying active or going to yoga classes. It might sound cliche to say that it’s more about making time, but it really is. Setting an hour aside each week to focus on your mental health, your body, and your breathing is not a huge sacrifice. These are all extremely important to your wellbeing and your performance in school. This is something that I am going to keep in mind as we enter October, and I hope you do too!

–  UBC Yoga Club member


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