Yoga Exec Spotlight: Nancy

Hey there,


My name is Nancy and I am the new Co-President for the UBC Yoga Club. I am currently a third year Integrated Sciences student, meshing physiology and immunology together. Besides school, I work, I do research, and I love to go on hikes, volunteer with kids and animals, hang with friends, and do YOGA!

I was introduced to yoga through a friend in my first year where I attend a couple classes, and really wanted to get more involved with the club. I was a volunteer and by the start of second year I was the treasurer for the club – it has been such a rewarding experience.

My Yoga philosophy is that as long as you breathe, you will be okay. What I mean by this is that so many times we are moving at a really fast pace and we forget where we are and how far we come. Sometimes just taking a minute to really notice this makes all the difference since you realize how far you have come, and what you have done – it is something to be grateful for.

I think Yoga has changed my perspective in the sense that I feel more mindful. I have always struggled with balancing health, fitness, school and fun, but Yoga has taught me to really understand when I am struggling and simple ways to restore balance. After a Yoga session, I feel more happy and in tune with my body, which has really help me in every aspect of my life, so I am really thankful to have been apart of this club.

Yoga, as I have mentioned before, makes me really happy and energized. I always feel like I can kick butt after a good session of Yoga, and I get a lot more out of day – plus I get to do it with a smile! My favorite style of Yoga is Cobra pose, because with cobra I get a really nice elongation of my spine, and a great back bend really releases the worked up stress from hours of sitting and doing work.

I decided to become president with Chin-Vern Tan, because I had been a VP for two years for the finance department (role of treasurer) and I really wanted a change, and more responsibility. I felt like I could offer from my past experiences and my knowledge from other volunteer aspects in order to continue growing this club into something wonderful – a fact that I think our current president Dana Chan has done a great job constructing! For next year I envision more events, a better financial organizational system, stronger ties within our UBC community, stronger relationships with our exec team and with our teachers, and more perks for our members! I am the most excited for hosting more amazing events!