Happy Valentine’s Day! – from yoga club execs to you ♥


In the midst of looming midterms and unending assignments, our executive team recognizes the importance of destressing and making time for ourselves- not just as students but as humans. Part of this is the recognition that disturbing our daily routines to try new activities is healthy for our minds and bodies! Though all of us regularly practice yoga, many of us were first-timers at aerial yoga. During the first half hour we struggled even in learning how to get into our hammocks and where to place our feet so that we don’t fall to the ground! We braved the difficulty of balancing on unfamiliar materials at the start but by the end of the session many of us successfully swung upside down and attempted small aerial tricks. Though many of us started off a little hesitant, we were encouraged by our peers and slowly flow-ed our way into happy yoga bliss. With the support of our President and Tantra Fitness, the exec team spent a lovely Sunday afternoon perched atop these silks- laughing and stretching both our ligaments and our comfort zones.

This experience I think is analogous to the yoga community in Vancouver which can often seem daunting to dig into! There is an infinite amount of studios available – each with their own specializations and classes. This is why I would highly encourage you to try out the classes at we offer through the UBC Yoga Club. There are often those who are new to yoga in each of our classes and our instructors and executives create a judgement free atmosphere so that you can enjoy your practice no matter what skill level you are at.


We offer a range of different classes- from restorative hatha to ease away your negative post-exam feelings all the way to upbeat vinyasa to help you power through your afternoon meetings. We have certified instructors and all the amenities like mats and blocks that other yoga studios offer. Though thanks to free rental space on campus, our rates are only $2 per class once you become a member making yoga an affordable way for you to get some exercise into your busy schedules!


It’s never too late to try something new and though venturing outside daily norms may be uncomfortable at first, remember that choosing to take up challenges and face difficult roads – maybe the uncertainties of placing our feet on the wrong side of the hammock or your decision to start-up yoga—can lead you to beautiful destinations.