Getting Certified While Travelling!

Seeing as this is the last week of classes before exams, and summer is fast approaching, I thought it’d be appropriate to spread a little knowledge about yoga travel.
Through my research, I have discovered there are several options to get certified to teach yoga. Not only can you get various levels such as 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours, but you can also get the certification in various locations around the world. I have posted about the offer to get 200 hour certification at UBC, in where you would attend classes on weekends for an extended period of time. Although, if you are similar to me and seek to use yoga as an excuse to travel – abroad might just be for you!

First, you need to decide which type of yoga you’d like to get trained in. There are schools specifying in Vinyasa, Kundalini, Hatha, Flow, etc. and each is different in their execution of teaching.

When searching for the right school, you need to be aware of the cost and whether it includes accommodation, food, excursions, flights, and books. There are some that are less expensive, though do not include a fair amount of costs that you’d require to pay for on top of their tuition.
Also, be well aware of the location you’re travelling to. India is the home of yoga, but is also a higher risk location. In these high risk locations, you may want to consider going with another person, and also arrange transportation beforehand. Furthermore, look into the vaccinations generally required to travel there. It’d be a bummer to travel the distance for a short amount of time only to get sick.

Speaking of which, the length of time is dependent on the level of certification you’re looking for. They range in weeks to months. And if you wish to extend your trip after you get certified to attend mediation retreats, you’ll want to plan that well in advance. Also, make note of the daily schedule. They are almost always very early, to later in the evening. This is also generally six times a week, with Sunday’s being free. Some schools include excursions in the tuition cost which is awesome because it gives you a chance to travel the area with people who are familiar with the location.

When researching the particular school, seeing as there are several and I’ll leave the searching up to you, it is super important to see if it is recognized internationally. Yoga Alliance is the most popular, so if you see that, you’re set.

Of course, credibility of the school and also credibility of the teacher is super important. Some people decide to actually attend the classes of their instructor prior to booking, although travelling all the distance for that is highly unlikely. Instead, wrack the brains of people you know who’ve travelled to do yoga. Most importantly, you can never go wrong with the internet. There are several posts and reviews online that can lead the way to you feeling confident in the school you choose.

That’s just a little food for thought as summer may be free for you and this may just be the idea of a vacation you were looking for.
Hope the tips help!