Welcome our 2015/2016 Exec team!

Last Friday, we elected our new executive team for the 2015/2016 school year! We’ve got a big team and we’re excited for to start another great year of yoga!

Welcoming our new executives:

Dana Chan – President
Adrian Wong – Vice-President
Nancy Manhas – Treasurer
Teresa Fabbriccino – Volunteer Coordinator
Georgia Wilkins – Events Coordinator
Chin-Vern Tan – Events Assistant
Katie Cardinal – Communications Officer
Rachel Maj – Social Media
Shayne Casey-Shaw – Karma Class Coordinator
Ellie Liu – Sponsorship Coordinator
Jeremy Antepyan-Ruckenstein – Secretary
Marika Laird – Webmaster & Equipment Manager
Yun Kang – MHN Officer & Promotions
Elgan Moses, Fabia Zutt, Jacob Silverman & Laura Rozko – General Exec Members