Yoga For Weight Loss

I’m taking a break from “Pose of the Week” to talk about something that is greatly discussed among people seeking to begin yoga.


There are several benefits of yoga, to which most people don’t appreciate to its entirety. I should mention, YES yoga can help you lose weight, but that is only combined with other aspects.
The reason yoga is seen to be a way to lose weight is because of meditation and movement between poses that requires the use of your entire body. In a yoga practice, there are parts of your body that are being used in ways other forms of exercise do not. And although you may not sweat to the same degree as you would sprinting, the mental calmness that yoga brings and the strength along with flexibility and stamina all combine to make you healthier inside and out. A large reason why people gain weight is because they are stressed. Stress is handled frequently by stress eating and lounging which would obviously lead to an unhealthy self. Doing yoga is an attainable form of exercise for every body type and athletic level, and slowly but surely will transform your mental state and physical state in ways you’ve never believed to be possible. The focus on breathing and relaxation of the mind are the most important parts of yoga and these are aspects that have a greater link to weight control then people believe. Specifically, a link to fat.
My cousin was a professional dancer up until her late twenties and has always been fit. Once she stopped dancing, she found it hard to keep her dancers body up to par. She has never been fat, nor has she ever had a lot of it, but it wasn’t until I hadn’t seen her for six months that I had seen a massive transformation I didn’t know was possible. She had been doing yoga. Not only was her mood uplifted and she, a normally high strung individual, was able to take on more tasks without strain than ever before. She had increased flexibility in ways she had never practiced in dance, and the largest change to me was visually. WAS SHE EVER TONED. I couldn’t believe that there was any way she’d be able to improve her physical fitness beyond before, and by no means was she unhealthily skinny. There were certain areas though that were particularly transformed and that was the “trouble areas” – abs, thighs, and upper body fat. Us girls all know how hard it is to tone these areas and yoga had resulted in my cousin attaining a whole new level of lean mass. She had mentioned that other forms of exercise were easier for her now after continuously practicing.
I can’t stress the importance of a calm mind enough in weight loss because no matter how much you work out, if you are continuously stressed, biologically there will be a release of hormones that inevitably lead to weight gain. Yes, it is true some people lose weight when they are stressed, though generally the ties are also to lack of eating. Keeping your mind calm controls the hormones that also make you want to be lazy and binge on poor quality foods. I know personally through my yoga journey, after struggling with eating disorders for the past few years, I have found it way easier to control my eating and remain positive and productive.

Here are some links and videos with poses geared to weight loss. Try doing even a few poses a day. A little bit can go a long way and if you aren’t in the mood, all the more reason to get yourself up and do some yoga. I find it also helps if you are goal setting for weight loss, to go with friends. The transformation is slow when you are losing weight healthily so be patient and feed yourself well. Know your body and its kinks and pains, and be aware of what it needs to relax.

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