POSE OF THE WEEK – Shavasana (Corpse Pose)


Most people (including myself at first) merely think of this pose as nap-time.

It’s much more than that! There are enormous benefits to “corpse pose”. It’s simple, but nevertheless, important. This relaxation pose benefits you physiologically and physically.

In Shavanasa, the state of relaxation you reach is optimal in lowering heart rate, tension, blood pressure, and in eliminating thoughts and anxiety. Ending your practice in Shavanasa is beneficial in the same ways as taking a nap. Although your metabolism decreases in the state itself, afterwards it creates greater awareness, energy, memory and focus. I know I’ve had a good practice when I am in this pose and remain awake, but in a coma like state. Once awareness is brought back to my body it takes me a moment to come back to reality, and when you do, the feeling completely indescribable.

The pose itself is standardly on your back with your arms on your side, however the importance is truly in your comfort. If you are not comfortable, the benefits of the pose will not be at its potential. In reaching this comfort, some people choose to use yoga towels to prop their heads, or raise their legs onto a bolster/pillow.

A lot of tension is typically held in the shoulders and back during yoga sequences and therefore this pose is perfect in relaxing such areas. I can’t stress the importance of relaxing your mind. What would yoga be without meditation? Do a quick body scan as you lower yourself into the pose to see how you’re body is feeling and adjust accordingly to make sure all parts of your body have released tension. Focusing on your breath and deepening it, aids in focusing your mind on the areas of your body that require the extra oxygen and relaxation instead of other things.


If you would like a more detailed explanation about breath, attaining that state of effortlessness, or just a way of relaxing in this pose generally, I have attached a website that categorizes each topic and explains in detail how to attain the goal through Shavasana.


If you take one thing from this post… it’s DON’T SKIP OUT ON SHAVASANA!

(Pictures found: www.popsugar.com)