Let’s Talk About Posture

I came up with this idea through my own realization that… I have TERRIBLE posture. Sure, I stand tall when I’m walking… but let’s be honest, being a student results in lots of slouching over.

What does this mean? Keep up with the yoga! Yoga, along with many other benefits, pushes you to continue your posture throughout the rest of your day. I have found that practicing on a regular basis, and given you are doing the poses correctly, you find yourself more prone to keeping that back straight and pelvis tucked under.

It is no question that having good posture ensures life long health benefits, so instead of boring you with too many health facts (also givenI am not a health professional) I’ll direct the rest of this post towards posture benefiting poses.

1. It may seem obvious, but Mountain Pose (Tadasana) Tadasanaallows you the time to focus on standing up straight and focusing more on relieving all of your mind’s worries. Rarely to we take the time to pay particular attention to the correct way to stand.

(Picture found:www.coastalbendhealthfoods.com)

2. Cobra Pose is effective in opening up your chest, shoulders, and also in strengthening the back which is beneficial for good posture. yp_cobra (Picture found: holisticonline.com)

3. The cat/cow movement is one of my favourites and is wonderful in stretching your back and increasing flexibility in your spine.
(Picture found: www.californiayoga.com)
4. Child’s Pose is one of the most popular poses because… who doesn’t love a resting pose. This is an overall relaxing pose that aids you in releasing the tension we generally hold through maintenance of posture. It’s one thing to maintain posture, but another to do it without unnaturally tensing your body.Childs-pose_stretch(Picture found: fashionsunrise.com)

5. Locust pose is amazing for strengthening your lower back and focuses to work on your butt, legs, arms… all while keeping your pelvis tucked under. Something our society doesn’t focus on doing so much. Keep that butt from sticking out too much unnaturally! Sticking out your butt is not only bad for posture, but also causes relaxation in your stomach which can lead to weaker muscles and accumulation of fat. Nobody wants a jiggly tummy, especially when us yogis are known for our lovely toned stomachs.
(Picture found: msmadhavi.blogspot.com)

So there is just a sample of the top posture benefitting poses. Of course any yoga pose will benefit you health wise which in turn leads to better posture. Who knew standing and sitting could be so complex?

(Featured image found: originalstrength.net)