Pose Of The Week!

It’s Monday so that means… POSE OF THE WEEK. In these weekly posts I’ll be letting you know some quick facts, benefits, purposes, and target areas for a pose.

Today’s pose is… The ever so popular DOWNWARD DOG.

Abundant in sun salutations, downward dog is a pose not many people do correctly. I’ll start off by letting you know of some of the common mistakes made my new yogis.


First, make sure your legs are hip distance apart and you are not rounding your back too much. It is important you also have a wide enough distance between your hands and feet. Although you may not be able to rest your feet flat on the ground quite yet, it’s still important to work to push the heels of your feet towards the ground in order to build your flexibility. Also, make sure your chest is pushing towards your legs and your gaze is also towards your legs. Something I did when I first started learning downward dog was cup my hands and put all my weight into my wrists. Make sure to put the weight in the squishy part of your palm in order to avoid damage to your wrist. Pushing your chest towards your legs and extending your arms farther helps in balancing your weight equally between your arms and legs.

Now the benefits!

There’s no question this pose increases flexibility in your legs as you push your heels towards the earth. But also, this forces you to work on your inhaling and exhaling in your stomach and focus on your breathing. This pose is critical in posture correction since, if done properly, you are working to straighten your back and stretch your body in both directions. Since it’s an inversion, it helps wake you up, and increases circulation.  This circulation is important in detoxing the body and bringing awareness to all areas. It is an easily modified pose that is attainable from beginner to expert.


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