Yoga or Pilates?

If you’re anything like me when I was first introduced to yoga, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between that and pilates. What makes them different? How do I know which one is better for me? Although I am no expert I thought I’d give you my two cents on the benefits of both.

Let me start off by saying both have strengthening, toning, stamina and flexibility benefits. Most importantly, both overlap in their effectiveness to tame your mind and work your body in a similar fashion.

Pilates is a more modernized version of yoga invented by a man named Joseph Pilates and stems from the foundations similar to Vinyasa yoga. Where pilates sometimes involves more equipment, with a larger amount of floor based exercises and different forms of breathing… pilates is a more resistant based workout that will most likely burn more calories than a standard yoga class.

In my opinion, yoga is a more historically effective workout that specializes more in the mind over weight loss. Most people who want to see a quick change in their bodies don’t do yoga for that very reason. I know when I first tried yoga, I thought it was too slow and an ineffective workout. But I was wrong. I could go on for a whole new post to how I was wrong and how I saw a larger change in my body fat percentage in two weeks a yoga than two months in a gym. Furthermore, if you are someone who can’t hold a pose for an extended period of time, then pilates may be more geared towards you. Yoga poses are held for longer and instead of increasing resistance as you would in pilates, to increase your succession in yoga… you move on to more challenging variations. Yoga is overall a more spiritual process that focuses more on your breathing and finding your centre. Chanting itself is a huge part of certain types of yoga classes that isn’t present in pilates.

I know I may sound bias in my brief description of the difference between pilates and yoga… but when it comes down to it, there is no better of the two. It all depends on the kind of workout you are feeling for that day and what you are trying to get out of each. If you’re trying to decide between yoga or pilates I say both. There is no better way to increase your strength, flexibility and stamina, than switching up your workouts.

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