DrishtiPoint radio!

DrishtiPoint radio is a Vancouver-based online community that produces podcasts about yoga, spirituality and well-being. I’ve been listening to and volunteering for DrishtiPoint for about 6 months now and love what they offer. The podcasts I’ve listened to have taught me about yoga and meditation practices as well as broader topics like psychology and health. I enjoy the convenience of just downloading the podcasts to my phone and listening to them while I’m on the bus or walking to class.

DrishtiPoint interviews people from all sorts of backgrounds – master yogis, meditation experts, scientists, counsellors, nutritionists… the list goes on. There is truly something for everyone on this website. And the best part is – DrishtiPoint offers a FREE 4-month membership to Yoga Club members! Just email farah@drishtipoint.ca and mention ‘UBC Yoga Club’ in the subject line!