A new year with the Yoga Club

I’m very excited for all the new things 2015 has to offer for the UBC Yoga Club! Over the winter break we worked hard to give our website a complete makeover. It’s still a work-in-progress but so far so good!  Part of the new website is our new blog, where you can read fun updates from members of our exec team – like this post!

In addition to the website, other exciting things are happening with the club this semester. We’re offering 17 classes a week, with more evening classes and more vinyasa-based classes than last semester.

For me, I love variety, so am looking forward to slowing down in the gentle hatha and yin classes, and increasing my energy in the kundalini and vinyasa classes. It’s the perfect balance of power and relaxation for me, allowing me to feel steady and balanced in my body and mind, so I can reach my full potential in school, work and my relationships.

The execs and I would love to see you at some of our special events planned this semester too. There are a few coming up soon so look out for announcements about those soon! Special events will be posted on the website and our events page, and sent out in our newsletter.

I hope to see you at some yoga classes this term, and some of our events too! Wishing you a wonderful year of yoga and happiness. Namaste.